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Gown of Thorns

400 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

9/25/06 11:33 pm - strakerdesign - New Stock 25/09/2006

Hello All!

We now have a large range of stockings in store. Fishnet as far as the eye can see.

Wind Up Dolls new range is now in store. Come in and have a look at their fabulous range of uniforms, kimonos and HOT PANTS! These are the best hot pants I have ever seen and tried on.

GOGGLES and SUNGLASSES are now available.

There are so many new things it's hard to remember them all, so come in and see for your self.

I will also be making an order for shoes from Demonia within the next 2 months, so if there is something you are looking for in particular, come into the store and we will make a note of it for you.

7/27/06 05:12 pm - strakerdesign - Beserk Winter range 06 at Gown of Thorns

Hello All!!

Goodness it has been a long time since I posted.

Just to let you all know we have the Winter range from Beserk Clothing in store. It includes jackets, long skirts and men's shirts. If you don't see it in your size just ask and we will see if we can get it in for you.

We have a new range of hats which has just come in. It includes top hats, bowlers, tricorns, and others.

We are now proud to have Wind Up Doll stocking us with their fantastic PVC stock. PVC kimonos, which you wouldn't think existed now do, and are in store.

For a treat come and have a look at this weeks window. It is celebrating the next whit3nois3 (which is this Friday), by exploring the theam of a Cage Match. I wont show you pictures until next week, so come and see it before we take it down.

Hope to see you soon

6/16/06 09:02 pm - strakerdesign - New stock 16/06/2006

Hello All,

We just got in a shipment of new stockings. Lots of striped stockings and tights in an assortment of colours, and if you don't see the colour you like just ask and we may be able to order it in. We haven't just got striped, but we also have cuban heeled stockings and tights.

New tops: We have new stocking tops! Striped, with holes, different colours you name it and we just might have it.

New Labels: We have Devil Doll, Morticia's (only one off items), and Elysian Creations (amazing jewelery)

New piercing Jewelery: We only have a small amount in store, so if you don't see it just ask and we will see if we can order it in for you.

New T-shirts: Necrophiles Anonymous, do it yourself (on a razor blade), a bloody hand print, all these style come form the fantastic people from Infidel Concepts in Perth.

Expecting arrival soon: The Berserk Clothing winter range, should be arriving within the week.

6/12/06 07:00 pm - strakerdesign - The Window For This Week

This is the window for this week:

Please excuse the small photos as they were taken with my camera phone.

The legs are wearing a 'Devil Doll' skirt, while the mannequin holding the legs up is wearing a 'Sinister' tutu with a red shirt with a black stretch boob tube over the top. The other mannequin is wearing a 'tourette's fuckinshitcunt support group' t-shirt with a 'Gown of Thorns' bondage cheerleader skirt.

5/4/06 02:28 am - strakerdesign - Mondayitis

We now have Mondayitis at Gown of Thorns.

This means we are now open on Monday from 11am-5pm, so there will be no more sleeping in for us.

Hope to see you all there!

4/20/06 03:37 pm - madewithplastic - Beserk 2005-06 range at Gown of Thorns

We've just received another shipment of Beserk stock from their 2005-06 range, so if you've missed out so far, head in soon to catch it before it's snapped up again.

You can also see the stuff on their website by clicking this link.

Also, keep an eye out as we will soon be stocking their 2006 mini-range.

4/12/06 03:02 pm - madewithplastic - Mortisha's now available at Gown of Thorns.

A number of new garments have just arrived from Mortisha's today including some gorgeous men's coats. Most of these are one off items so if you're looking for a coat for the winter hurry in.

We have also just recieved a range of very high quality fishnet and other stocking tops.

For Easter Gown of Thorns will be closed Good Friday (14/4) and Easter Sunday (16/4), we will be open from 11-6 on Saturday (15/4).

Gown of Thorns
400 Brunswick st Fitzroy

9417 5399

4/4/06 12:28 am - strakerdesign - Su's Back

Just an update, Su's back.

For those who remember Su was and is the fantastic face of Gown of Thorns.

So come in, vist and say hello.

3/27/06 08:28 am - strakerdesign - New stock

Hello All!

We now have XSIV leather goods in store.

XSIV leather is a brand which produces high quality leather goods, such as cuffs, collars, gauntlets, belts, and guitar straps. Each piece is handmade, with the highest quality leather appropriate for the item. They are long lasting and can endure being at the bottom of a handbag.

Here are some examples of their goods:

And from my recent show at Nocturnal Instincts:


3/21/06 09:15 am - strakerdesign - Welcome to Gown of Thorns

Gown of Thorns is a Goth clothing store in Melbourne, Australia.

We specalise in stocking high quality garments ranging from popular club gear, to street wear and some of the newest and most inovative designs in Australia. We stock many local desingers including STRAKER, Asylum7

The new opening hours are below and we are going to be getting a new and exciting range of clothes as seen in Nocturnal Instincts, the newest range of Berzerk gear and shipment's of Demonia boots.

We have a lot of ideas planned for the coming months and will be sure to keep everyone up to date with what is on the way.

Gown of Thorns:

400 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia 3065
Phone (03) 9417 5399 within Australia
or +61 3 9417 5399 outside Australia

Hours:Mon11:00am - 5:00pm
Tues - Thu11:00am - 6:00pm
Fri11:00am - 7:00pm
Sat11:00am - 6:00pm
Sun12:00pm - 5:00pm

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